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The Luckier I Get

A few weeks ago now, I saw this post by photographer Jacki Bruniquel… an amazing South African wedding photographer who’s work, attitude and outlook on life I really admire. She quoted something that literally stopped me in my tracks. It really made me think. It is so simple and so very true…. How did I […]


A Day off

There is no lovelier Sunday than one spent rambling along the Cornish coast in Heather the VW with my parents and my goofy dog. Coffee and chocolate over cliffs and seals on the rocks. On this little adventure, I even learned about the joys of VW starter motors and how to start one with a […]


Baldessin Press

Earlier this year, things in my world took a bit of a 360 degree change. Some of the hardest decisions in the world were made and new plans were plotted. I was still on the lovely Sunshine Coast in Australia and with a return flight from Melbourne, I decided that before I leave, I needed […]