Flying South

I am headed South once more, destination Brisbane, to hang out with some of my most favourite people and then on to Sydney for the wedding of Hollie and Andrew. I cannot wait!

I will be back online in the next few days once the jet lag has worn off and I have drunk more tea than I would have thought possible with one of my oldest friends and her family. First up will be images from a recent shoot I did. It’s an elopement in Cornwall with some of my most favourite people all wrapped up in one.

Think Wuthering Heights on a happy, sunny winters day.

Cornwall Elopement | Debs Ivelja Photography

Florals by the Cornish Cutting Garden and Make Up by Tamsyn Siddiqui

lisa - Hope you had a safe trip! this photo is stunning, can not wait to see more. I just know its going to be beautiful!

Lauren and Perry

Here I share with you one of the most amazing experiences I have had the pleasure of being a part of this year. I am pretty sure anyone reading this today is familiar with Don’t Tell the Bride? Maybe pulled a sickie and whilst you were channel surfing on the sofa, came across it and watched re-runs mid week whilst chomping biscuits and drinking tea?

Well, this journey starts last year at Jen and Ben’s wedding in France where I got to travel with and meet the lovely Lauren and baby Noah. I remember vividly our car journey to and from the airport, Lauren telling me all about her amazing bloke, Perry. We even talked about the kind of wedding they would have, Lauren had ideas already coming together and the more she spoke, the more I got to see Perry through Lauren’s eyes and stories. I could tell he was a top guy and she was smitten.

We said our goodbyes in the UK, found each other in Instagram and Facebook and went on our merry ways until ealier this year, the beginning of April in fact, when I got an email from Perry out the blue. I could not believe what I was reading! I had seen news of their engagement in Paris and the email told me that he and Lauren were getting married and it was going to be part of the new series of Dont Tell The Bride. And they wanted me to photograph it!

How could I not!? See the lovely Lauren marry her boy? Absolutely!

I am finally able to share the way I saw their day. Their wedding took place at The Forum in London. A music venue, Lauren and Perry’s wedding was their first ever! Perry organised the day from start to finish and Lauren did not have a clue! Not even knowing what dress she was wearing until the day before.

Their wedding is one of the most amazing experience I have had. I got to work in a way that I have never done so before. I have worked with videographers before, but a whole TV crew is a totally different kettle of fish. I had rules to follow that I would never normally have experienced and these challenged me and forced me to re-think how I shoot, how I approach weddings. I had absolutely no control over the parts of the day I would normally have input in (timings, groups and portraits) and knew that the only way I would get the images I needed, was on the fly. 100% documentary style. Little contact with Lauren and Perry and limited access to the best spots where I could stand and be.

“Absolutely no flash” was one of the conditions too, so I had to shoot in the darkest venue I have ever worked in and some of the smallest spaces, with whatever light source I could absorb. I was so grateful for my recent update to my mark 3! I had no allocated time for anything, and portraits were stolen moments in quiet while waiting for a taxi. Pretty much nothing ran to time and yet it was the most perfect day!

I was so grateful to have the lovely Lisa Jane come along and help me out too, we were able to bounce ideas off one another and be in two places at once always.

So here is a snippet of my version of their day.

Lauren and Perry, this one is (finally!) for you my loves. xxx


admin - Hi Becca, I believe it was Oasis, Wonderwall that Lauren walked in to. Debs x

Becca - Please please please could you tell me the song you walked into?! Been driving me mad trying to think of it!!! Thanks in advance! Xx

Laura Babb - Brilliant. Sounds like it was challenging in a brilliant way. You’ve captured it perfectly.

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jo - Toally totally totally love this wedding, what an awesome guy to have organised all that, it looks like they had the best day….I might have to watch it now xx Well done Debs …it is all kinds of awesome x

Kelly @ Boho Weddings - Wonderful work Debs, and so glad to hear that these couples do hire a professional photographer, i always worry that they don;t bother because the TV crew is there. xxx

Pen - I’ve told you more than once I know – but these images are superb and my most favourite wedding of yours xx

Charis Warrell - Just watched the programme and Debs, I take my hat off to you. You have captured this perfectly. Not only did you look great on TV, but you have captured so much of the emotional build up and the atmosphere. Im totally certain no one else could have done a better job. Possibly my most favourite wedding of yours.
You nailed it lady x x

Kirsten Mavric Photography - Wow Debs. I can see how tough the day must have been (by how well you handled it!). I think you did a beautiful reportage job, and I bet they are over the moon with these x

Sue Kettlest - Well done, Debs!

frances - oh wow!! Well done you!!! That must have been tough to work around a crew like that (ps, I’m thinking of hiring a sound man for the day in December ;) ). What a gorgeous wedding, beautifully photographed. I recorded the show last night…will have to go and watch it now! X

Sarah Falugo - Awesome job Debs – and what a different wedding! This looks like it was a really difficult shoot to pull off with crazy lighting and a film crew to work around – you nailed it x

Lauren Mcbride - The lovely debs…..perry and I will eternally be grateful for what you have done for us. I remember your face being one of the first that I noticed and I was so happy. Couldn’t believe that you were gonna make my wedding one to look back on forever.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts x x x

I’d recommend you to anyone getting married. All of our guests commented on how great you were and the photos show that perfectly!

joanna - Wow what a mental gig mate, I watched it and beamed when I saw you doing your thang, I have to admit I think you are born to do this type of work under pressure you killed it :) I think this is one of my most favourite weddings of yours ever xxxx well done bravo that girl

Jon S6 - wow, love it Debs!

Juliet Mckee - Oh my goodness Debs what an experience and what a challenge, and yet you tell this fab couples story so well. I wouldn’t need to see any TV program to understand how they feel about each other. Your photography is wonderful. x

The Luckier I Get

A few weeks ago now, I saw this post by photographer Jacki Bruniquel… an amazing South African wedding photographer who’s work, attitude and outlook on life I really admire. She quoted something that literally stopped me in my tracks. It really made me think.

It is so simple and so very true….

How did I not get it before?

the harder you work, the luckier you get

The last few weeks now I have had this buzzing in my head. My focus has changed, early mornings have made me productive, I’ve been plotting and planning and getting busy. Suddenly, not-so-amazingly-now-I-know-the-secret, I have started to feel so much luckier.

Happy weekend all!