Cornwall Elopement | Lauren & Tom

Lauren and Tom decided to elope to Cornwall. The chose one of the loveliest days of the year to do so too!

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Yolande De Vries - Love these Debs such a perfect background for an elopement!

Boho's Best Bits - W/C 30th June - [...] A Cornwall elopement! By Debs Ivelja [...]

Charis Warrell - WOWSERS! that colour is amazing! What a beautiful place and a perfect day. These are beautiful x

Emma Case - ADORE these..

Chicks on Waves. A Surf & Yoga Retreat | Portugal

Summer feels like it is just around the corner as I sit here today prepping for tomorrow’s wedding, my first one back into the season. As I always do in the days that lead up to every wedding, I am a tumble of anxious nerves. Shooting a wedding is like nothing else I have ever done. I love every second, but my drive to do the best job I have ever done means my tummy fills with butterflies. I believe that it is an important part of my process to feel this way. It makes me a better photographer every time.

As I look down at my diary I see that it is filled with beautiful weddings. A summer filled with trips around the country and even abroad to shoot them. I am excited about all the amazing people I will get to meet this year and I am excited to be getting back into the swing after a winter being holed up in my little home, happy and content in this corner of the world that I love to live. A part of the world I have always known was home.

I look out my window at the sea and I am distracted by the surf. It is glorious today. The sea is the most beautiful colour, the waves look wonderful breaking across the bay. Since Easter, Fistral has been filled with learners again and its fabulous to watch. I made a commitment to myself when I moved to Cornwall that I would learn to surf and this winter, I made that happen.

I am a bit of a wuss so the idea of walking into the freezing Atlantic here off the coast was too much and so instead I decided to pack bags and head to Portugal. Still the Atlantic, just a little warmer I hoped. There I went on a surf and yoga retreat with the amazing, Chicks on Waves.

A perfect winter escape to the sunnier climates of the Algarve. Katrien and her partner Niek have set up a wonderful retreat in the hills for any one wanting to get away from it all. I chose a weeks, all girls surf and yoga retreat. Intimidated by the idea of fully throwing myself outside of my comfort zone just by being away alone, I felt I needed to be surrounded by likeminded women rather than amongst men with something to prove!

After an epic journey from Newquay to Faro, I got the train to Lagos and on the way met fellow chick, Veerle. We got chatting and made our way to Figuera to meet Katrien together. Both Veerle and I arrived a day earlier than the others so we settled in and enjoyed a chilled out sunday at our accommodation at One Life Lodge and on the beach at Salema before a weeks worth of exercise!

Day one was epic. After starting the morning with yoga and a healthy breakfast, we were picked up by our surf instructor Marta and headed to the beach.

I can honestly say that learning to surf is one of the most amazing, intimidating, exhausting, addictive things you can do. But you have to be prepared to leave your dignity on the beach. Never before have I swallowed so much salt water, regularly landed on my ass, had saltwater go up and down my nose until it burned like hell, been beaten up by incessant waves regularly and not known which way was up in my life. After a couple days of trying, the feeling of standing, albeit briefly, is THE BEST. After 5 days of yoga and surfing, I felt stronger, fitter and more confident. Healthier and happier. With new friends and suntanned skin, I left Portugal with a promise I would be back.

Now to carry on. My wetsuit is bought and now to be brave and go searching for the perfect board in some local surf shops. And then throw myself into the freezing Atlantic…. I can’t wait!

Although I took my camera, I used my iPhone a lot on this trip, as I tend to do when I am travelling. So follows a few images from my time with Chicks on Waves… most of these are iPhone with the odd non iPhone for the days I was not near sand!


Anna - SO proud of you Debs. Amazing pictures and what an incredible experience. The first of many!!! :) xxx

jenn stark - these are just stunning. x

pen - Sounds fantastic – and gorgeous images to go with the experience too xx

admin - Do it Lisa! You won’t regret it!

Lisa - As I was reading this, I had the biggest smile on my face. I know you would have soaked up every minute of this trip. It looks like such a blast!

This just makes me want to jump on plane and do this trip…I’ve always wanted to learn to surf!

maria farrelly - what an awesome thing to do!